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Jacki Rodikis Book Signing

In February 2010, to a wave of highly-acclaimed reviews, Jacki Rodikis published Because You're A Woman, her stunning debut book - an honest account of her incredible and traumatic story of living through and surviving childhood abuse.

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The book tells how Jacki overcame childhood adversity and problematic relationships and examines the effects of these experiences on her lifetime relationships.

The story unfolds through a blend of prose with poetry. We learn how the birth of Jacki's daughter became the catalyst to her disclosing the abuse, the different therapies that she experienced and her gradual transformation into the confident woman she is today.

Jacki said she hopes the book will particularly inspire and help other survivors to come to terms with their experiences and empathise with survivors who struggle with the often devastating long term effects of childhood sexual abuse.

Book Signing She also believes that it will persuade those who have not experienced abuse to try to understand and empathise with those who are struggling with the often devastating long-term effects of childhood abuse.

Because You're a Woman is a powerful account of one woman's journey to self-determination.

Jacki has three children, six grandchildren and now lives in East Devon.

Because You're A Woman

“Writing Because You’re A Woman has enabled me to reach other women who have faced adversity (not necessarily childhood sexual abuse) and to show them that we can survive the awful experiences that life brings and move on to conquer the resulting anxieties and emotional problems. I hope that I can continue this with my next book in which I plan to share my personal journey to faith and belief in Jesus’ love for women. This understanding and love has been the ‘icing on the cake’ of my healing.”
Jacki Rodikis

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